Phyllis Keino began caring for Kenya’s orphans over 40 years ago. She has provided a loving home for more than 600 children, children who started life with nothing and no one, abandoned and unwanted, found the unconditional love of a mother and a family for life. She is a true inspiration to all of us here at Bread & Water for Africa UK. You can be inspired too, by meeting Phyllis and some of the children in our very short film below.

The heart and soul of Lewa Children’s Home, Phyllis has created such a special, loving place. Every child that comes here receives her unconditional love - it’s no surprise they all call her ‘Mama’.

Children case studies at Lewa

Lewa has been a loving and nurturing environment for our children to grow up in. But so many children over so many years, means our wonderful home now urgently needs a little love in return. We're hoping we can turn to you for help. 

Lewa was built with the generosity of friends like you. When it comes to precious funds, the children’s health and wellbeing always comes first, leaving little to keep on top of the essential repairs and refurbishment that every home needs. So please, if you can, send a gift today. With your kindness we can breathe some much needed new life into Lewa, including fixing leaky faucets, repairing doors and windows and putting a fresh coat of paint.

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To help us respond to the needs of our partners in Africa effectively, we treat all donations we receive as unrestricted and your donation may be used to contribute to this or one of our other projects, including associated admin costs.

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