Recovering from the long term effects of Covid-19.

After supporting our communities at the beginning of the pandemic with food supplies, hygiene packs and water, it is now time to help them become more resilient against the effects the pandemic will have in the future. Although the crisis is not yet over, there are already concerns that its effects will shift from temporary into long term economic recession.

The effects of Covid-19 can be differentiated into three different levels: short term, mid-term and long term. The short-term effects directly impair human health and weaken the health system. On the second level, the government’s policies, and measures such as lockdowns aimed to mitigate the health effects, slowed down the economic activity, change our patterns of consumption and production. On the third level and in the long term, these changes have impacted the whole international economic system, changing trading patterns, foreign investment, and aid.

Although many African countries were less impacted by the direct effects on health, many are likely to be suffering greater economic shocks due to the effect on the international trading system.

In addition, the long-term effects on the economic system will increase the mortality from uncommunicable diseases. This is referred to as ‘indirect mortality’ as they are not directly related to Covid but rather to its effects on the economy, the resulting limited access to water, food and health facilities. These will especially affect countries where health systems are malfunctioning and government investment into strengthening health systems are limited. In these countries, the ‘indirect mortality’ is expected to possibly exceed the direct mortality by far.

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What do we do to mitigate these effects and support our communities?

The main focus should therefore be given to making countries and communities more resilient to environmental, economic and health shocks. In the short-term it is important to improve a country's ability to minimize the initial economic shock and in the long-term improve the ability to recover after an economic shock.

In the short term, investing in health, water sanitation and hygiene is key to mitigate indirect mortality. We do this by:

  • providing our community in Freetown, Sierra Leone with new water sources, improving access to water and providing sanitation and hygiene training
  • supporting Kamili to increase their outreach and help more patients by training nurses and opening more outreach clinics

The immediate investment in youth education, employment and jobs is important to counter the effects of school closure.

  • Building new classroom facilitates at the We are the Future School to adhere to social distancing measures, to stay open and educate even more students.
  • Providing the youth with agricultural training at GFYA, facilitates them with vital life skills and improves their future employability
  • Supporting Lewa’s students and providing sponsorships for students to attend the Kipkeino school, ensures that students receive a high quality education and can access higher education
  • The Murakaza school in Burundi provides primary school education to children that would have not had the chance to attend education otherwise. Helping them to proceed to state schools is vital to improve their futures

By helping us to support our communities, you will directly impact their resilience and help us mitigate the effects Covid-19 might impose on the whole community.

While we first and foremost would like you and your families to be taken care of and have access to what you need in these difficult times, if you do find you have anything left over to give then please do. The children and their families across the amazing projects we work with need our support more than ever before.

To help us respond to the needs of our partners in Africa effectively, we treat all donations we receive as unrestricted and your donation may be use to contribute to this or one of our other projects, including associated admin costs. We promise to use your donation for the maximum benefit of the communities we serve.

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