Despite the Global Community's commitment to eradicate hunger by 2025, as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals, the prevalence of malnutrition is still on the rise. The latest Global Nutrition Report (2020) found that 1 in 9 people suffer from hunger or undernourishment, 149 million (21.9%) children under five continue to be stunted in growth, and 49 million (7.3%) are wasted. Although there has been some progress, such as the reduction of stunting rates in children by 10% between 2012 and 2018 the advances are to slow to reach the targets in time, calling for immediate action.

Nutrition plays a major role in a child's physical as well as cognitive development. The effects of undernutrition are often devastating and may impair a child's immediate as well as long term health outcomes. Besides increasing the risk of mortality and infections, undernutrition also affects a child's ability to learn and concentrate in school. Being hungry at school is considered as one of the number one reasons for low attendance and high drop out rates. Additionally, parents often do not have the resources to send their children to school, making it necessary for children to work instead and contribute to the family's income. For many children in Sub-Saharan Africa, a nutritious meal is hard to come by. Many children would go through a school day on an empty stomach, severely impacting their learning and well-being. This means children like Gady, constantly have to worry where their next meal will come from, with no energy to learn and play.

Gady loves to go to school.

But because he needs to find something to eat to keep him going throughout the day, he cannot go to school every day.

With Feed One Child Today, you can help us remove hunger as a barrier to learning and improve nutrition for some of Africa’s most vulnerable children with our partners at:

  • the Murakaza school in Burundi
  • the We Are The Future Centre in Sierra Leone
  • the Lewa’s Children Home in Kenya

With this campaign, we will be able to provide children at the Murakaza School a nourishing bowl of fortified porridge, which is easy and quick to make, cheap to buy, and will give the children the energy and nutrition they need. With the cost of your morning coffee, a gift of just £2, can feed a child a bowl of porridge every day for a whole month.

Children at We Are the Future Centre in Sierra Leone will be able to continue to enjoy their school lunches, prepared with fresh vegetables sourced from their own school garden. With just £9, an average cost of lunch per day in the UK, you can provide a child with a self-sustaining lunch for a whole month in Sierra Leone.

At Lewa Children’s Home in Kenya, orphans and vulnerable children can continue to have self-sustaining meals from food grown at its Bakara Farm. £24 helps us provide the daily balanced diet that the children need to grow healthy. 

Your donation will not only help to provide nutritious meals to some of the most vulnerable children, but also improve their learning outcomes, nutritional status and and wellbeing. It will enable us to improve their future by helping them to grow into healthy and successful adults with promising futures.

Considering the urgency of action required to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2025, the common efforts of everyone, including governments, policy makers as well as smaller charities like us are necessary. Your support will therefore directly contribute to the achievement of the second Goal of the Sustainable Development Goals: zero hunger.

To help us respond to the needs of our partners in Africa effectively, we treat all donations we receive as unrestricted and your donation may be use to contribute to this or one of our other projects, including associated admin costs. We promise to use your donation for the maximum benefit of the communities we serve.

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