For many children in Sub-Saharan Africa, a nutritious meal is hard to come by. Many children would go through a school day on an empty stomach, severely impacting their learning and well-being. This means children like Gady constantly have to worry where their next meal will come from, with no energy to learn and play.

Gady loves to go to school.

But because he needs to find something to eat to keep him going throughout the day, he cannot go to school every day.

With Feed One Child Today, you can help us remove hunger as a barrier to learning and improve nutrition for some of Africa’s most vulnerable children with our partners at:

  • the Murakaza school in Burundi
  • the We Are The Future Centre in Sierra Leone
  • the Lewa’s Children Home in Kenya

With this campaign, we will be able to provide children at the Murakaza School a nourishing bowl of fortified porridge, which is easy and quick to make, cheap to buy, and will give the children the energy and nutrition they need. With the cost of your Latte, a gift of just £2, you can feed a child a bowl of porridge every day for a whole month.

Whilst children at We Are the Future Centre in Sierra Leone will be able to continue to look forward to their lunchtime – with growing vegetables in their own garden, these children are able to make a wholesome lunch sourced and harvested from their own hard work. With just £9, an average cost of lunch per day in the UK, you can provide a child a self-sustaining lunch for a whole month in Sierra Leone.

At Lewa Children’s Home in Kenya, orphans and vulnerable children can continue to have self-sustaining meals from food grown at its Bakara Farm. £24 helps us provide the daily balanced diet that the children need to grow healthy. 

A child eat a balanced meal of Ugali and greens at the Lewa Children

With your help, we can provide African children nutritious daily meal sourced and grown by the local community - a self-sustainable and cost-effective system that not only feeds children in need but empowers their communities.

Thanks to your support, we can continue to improve their situation. However simple and basic the meal is, it often is their only guaranteed meal of the day. This in turn will encourage them to attend school regularly and take part in other school activities throughout the day.

By supporting our Feed One Child Today, you help provide daily lunch to these vulnerable children. You help improve their quality of life, their nutrition and their well-being. You play an important role in changing their future for the better. Your generosity will help them grow, thrive and develop into their full potential to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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