These aren't just any mugs of porridge...

... they're mugs full of hope.

Can you give a mug full of hope that means the world to a child like Darlene?

Darlene is one of the pupils here at the Murakaza school in Burundi. Before we started the porridge project, she would often spend the whole day on an empty stomach. Now she has the energy to learn and play and - more importantly - she doesn't feel such a burden on her mum who needs to provide for her and her siblings alone.

Can you believe it costs just £2.58 to feed a child like Darlene every day for a month?

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Over the years, generous supporters like you have helped us build a classroom, fund our teachers and turned our hoped of providing a better future for the children here at the Murakaza school into a reality.

This year, it is only because of the helped we've received from people all over the UK that we have been able to provide every pupil with a daily mug of fortified porridge. It is only one very simple snack, but it means everything to children like Darlene, who's written a letter to express in her very own words, what the porridge project means to her.

Read Darlene's letter here.

Children at the Murakaza school in Burundi with their mugs of porridge

Every mug is full of hope, health and happiness.

You wouldn't think that something as simple as a daily mug of porridge could change lives. But it can.

Before we began the porridge project last year, children would arrive at school hungry and tired. Some walk 5 kilometres to get here - and with empty tummies had no energy to get through the school day. They couldn't concentrate and the hungriest would fall asleep in class. Some would literally collapse from weakness on their way home.

Now, things couldn't be more different. 

A daily mug of porridge gives children the energy to study in class and achieve better grades. They get sick less often, so attendance has improved dramatically. And what fills our hearts with joy is seeing them run around and play like children should be able to. Every mug really is full of hope!

Child at the Murakaza school in Burundi receiving their mug of porridge

But now we hope and pray to be able to continue our porridge project in 2021. 

It only costs £31 to feed a child with a nutritious mug of porridge every day for a whole year. That means you can help keep a child health and happy for just £2.58 per month!

Children at our school don't ask for much and it never ceases to amaze us how happy and grateful they are when we put a warm mug of porridge in their hands.

Your support means everything to us. Without it, we cannot continue to provide these children with the nutrition they need to stay healthy and happy.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our mugs!

To help us respond to the needs of our partners in Africa effectively, we treat all donations we receive as unrestricted and your donation may be used to contribute to this or one of our other projects, including associated admin costs.

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