Imagine if you could feed a child every day of the month for just £2.

In Burundi, one of the poorest countries in the world, you can. By making a donation to our Porridge Appeal today, you can support a wonderful initiative at the Murakaza School in Bujumbura, by providing a daily bowl of fortified porridge that contains all the vitamins and minerals one of our 260 pupils urgently needs.

You can donate online below or give £5 by texting SCHOOL to 70500. 

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Alongside our partners CAPE (Centre d’Aide et de Protection de l’Enfant), we've been funding the Murakaza School since 2012. Providing the only free school in the area for 260 of the most underprivileged children - as well as training in income generating activities for their parents.

Following a visit to Murakaza last February, CEO Sylvia Costantini reported: “What CAPE is achieving in such a difficult environment is inspiring. The children are really grateful to be in school and are so keen to learn. Sitting among a class of 60, I could still have heard a pin drop! What was painfully apparent is how hungry and under nourished they are. Some parents are just too poor to feed their families - its incredibly frustrating. Teachers told me the ones who are really hungry fall asleep in class and don’t have the energy to play during recess.”

"We need to do more to help," she said. The school identified that a simple bowl of fortified porridge is easy and quick to make, cheap to buy, and gives the children the energy and nutrition they need. With just £24, they can provide a bowl of porridge, fortified with extra vitamins and minerals every single day for one child for a whole year. And this one bowl of porridge is enough to provide all the energy that child would need to learn, to play and to stay in school.

It is incredible to think that this is possible - all their daily nutrition for just £2 a month, but it is true!

Children at Murakaza School, Burundi

Upon returning to the UK, we began fundraising and in a few months had raised enough money to equip a small food preparation area, eating utensils for the children and, of course, porridge and vital supplements. On the 28th September 2018, the first batch of porridge was served. It is astonishing to see the difference: the children are healthier, more focused and less absent due to illnesses. 

Now we need to make sure it continues. With your help, we can make sure the children at Murakaza keep getting this small - yet vital - source of nutrients each day.

With a gift of just £2, you can provide a bowl of porridge for one of the children at Murakaza every day for a month. £24, or £2 a month will provide their porridge for an entire year.

Children at the Murakaza school in Burundi receive their daily portion of fortified porridge

And because we work directly with our partners, everything is sourced and arranged locally, ensuring the quickest solution and most most effective use of our funds. It also means that your donation can be put to immediate effect.

Too many of the children at the Murakaza School are severely undernourished, hindering their physical and mental development and robbing them of their futures.

We believe that no child should be too hungry to learn.

Please support our Porridge Appeal and the 260 children at the Murakaza School today. You can donate online below or text SCHOOL to 70500 to give £5 right now. Thank you.

Texts cost £5 plus one message at your standard network rate. Bread & Water for Africa will receive 100% of your donation. Always get the bill payer’s permission.

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