Every child deserves a place at school.

Yet right now, many don’t have the clothes or books they need to attend.

It seems unthinkable that a child in the UK could go to school in torn clothes. Imagine the feeling of not fitting in with the other kids and facing the shame of everyone knowing you cannot afford anything other than the tatty clothes on your back. But did you know that in Kenya many children go to school without a uniform, and worse still, they often go barefoot in the only clothes they own. 

Even if a child is lucky enough to be gifted with a treasured uniform, it is often the only item of clothing they possess. It creates pride and equality amongst the students, rather than separating them by the state of their clothes or financial means.


So today, we are asking for your urgent help to buy 100 children a precious school uniform, and vital books and stationary they need in time for the start of school.

Right now, in Kenya, only 20% of children are able to finish primary school as most families cannot afford the school fees and additional costs of education. The incidence of poverty and unemployment in the region has increased after the COVID-19 pandemic and as a result, there is a growing need in the community for educational support from Lewa Children’s Home and School.

Outside Lewa’s Children Home, Kenya requires children to wear a school uniform in order to attend classes. This means that many children are unable to access an education as their families simply do not have the means. 

Perhaps even more heart breaking is the fact that many have no money to afford shoes. This is not only uncomfortable, it also puts them at great risk of infection and contracting serious illnesses such as tetanus, which can in turn lead to severe disabilities. Without these simple things, many will stay stuck in a cycle of poverty, even though a single pair of shoes and a school uniform could transform their futures.

Our generous new partners at Arena Flowers have come to our aid and paid the school fees for 100 children at Lewa this year. But many of these children will still face having to sit in class without a school uniform and also without the books they need to study. We simply do not have enough budget to cover these additional, urgent costs. Without these items, many of the children will struggle to take up this one chance they have been given of an education. So we now need your urgent help as the school term has already begun.

Arena Flowers and BWA UK believe that every single child counts. We believe every book counts, every lesson counts...every single day a child attends school, counts. And so does any donation you can afford. 

If you are able to donate a small amount today, you will be making a HUGE difference to a child’s life right now. The more children we can clothe and equip this school term, the more children can access this incredibly precious chance of an education and the ability to educate and clothe the next generation themselves. The children at Lewa have the chance of a future, please help us to give that to them.

"Incredibly, no matter their adversity, the children at Lewa are always smiling! Their joy and elation at receiving a school place and equipment and clothes is remarkable! We would like to support some of their basic needs so their energy for life can thrive even more." Ruby Glasspool, CEO

With your support we can ensure that no child misses the opportunity for a brighter future.

Thank you!

To read more about our brand new partnership with Arena Flowers, please visit https://www.arenaflowers.com/blogs/news//

To help us respond to the needs of our partners in Africa effectively, we treat all donations we receive as unrestricted and your donation may be used to contribute to this or one of our other projects, including associated admin costs.

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