Many organisations had to adapt to pandemic conditions and We Are the Future School in Sierra Leone were no exception. In response to the lockdown and closure of all schools, funds normally used for operations were redirected towards humanitarian relief for the community. Water and food supplies were short, leading to decreased handwashing facilities as well as a lack of food. Thus, together with the staff, all efforts were made to supply the most vulnerable families with food parcels and the community with water. Based on previous experience during the Ebola crisis, everyone was able to respond quickly and we managed to assist a total of 120 households and over 800 individuals.

Community members collecting their rice and oil

Parents and children were more than grateful when the schools reopened as the daily school meals provided mean a decent cost saving for the parents and also ensure that the children receive one nutritious lunch a day. However, new governmental regulations were put in place and put the continuation of the day to day school life at risk. Space was limited and overcrowded classes did not allow for social distancing measures. Before the school could open a quick solution was needed. The only solution would be a new building.

Finding the funding required to build new classrooms was a challenge, however thanks to the Commonwealth Human Ecology Council, enough funding was sent to finish the building of three new classrooms. Construction proceeded at a rapid rate and the classrooms opened just in time to start the new school year in September 2021. John Donald Sandy kept us up to date with videos of the children celebrating and blessing their new space which was truly heart warming to see. 

Brand new classrooms!

Although there is still a long way to go and our budget for operations is still low, despite all adversities we have managed to achieve a great impact in only one year.  We have learned the incredible value of a joined up team that aspires to achieve a common cause and works tirelessly on its achievement. Thus, we continue full of positivity and are ready for anything that 2022 will bring. 

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