Here at BWAUK we had a trip to CAPE in Burundi planned for February, but Covid-19 put a stop to that all-important visit that the children enjoy so much. Especially after our annual Christmas appeal it is a joy to be able to deliver hope by giving out the messages and gifts from our wonderful supporters. Due to the persistent global situation this will not be possible for quite some time. But it isn't all gloom and doom, people have been more willing than ever to open their hearts to giving to others more in need than themselves and at BWAUK we have come up with alternative ways to send those messages of hope and love to the children in Africa. 

So this year we created our very own BWAUK 'tree of hope'. For most of us decorating a Christmas tree at home to get us in the spirit of celebration has long been part of our festive traditions. But do we actually know the symbolism of a tree? As an 'evergreen tree' it was thought of as a symbol of eternal life and used to fight off evil spirits in Greek and Roman culture. Considering the events of this year a tree seemed like a perfect choice to celebrate hope, and the sacredness of life. 

In our recent appeal we sent out stockings, that can symbolically be filled with gifts and sent back to us. Each stocking represents a gift of something the children desperately need. Our target is to receive 502 stockings, one stocking for each child of our projects. Our CEO Ruby Glasspool will then hang up the stockings on a beautiful tree in her local coffeeshop. On the 23rd, just before Christmas Eve, she will take a picture of the decorated tree and share it with the project leaders in Africa and across social media to spread a little hope. In this way we are sharing the message that though not physically present, there are many many people thinking of them during the Christmas period.

We are already seeing the gifts of school benches, clothing and kitchen staples flooding in and are extremely grateful to every one of our kind donors. If you would still like to take part, then please donate using the button below and in the comments box include your message which will be written on a stocking and hung on the tree.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Stanford Coffee Shop for hosting us this year! Below is a picture of our busy tree, filled with gifts of hope!

Tree of Hope Stockings Appeal

Thank you! 

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