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Kitchen Garden Stage Two Appeal

We're expanding the Kitchen Garden project, hoping to eventually provide 540 children with daily meals - up from 230 today. Read more

Where the need is greatest

Your gift goes a long way in Africa – especially for our community-based partners where a little bit can mean a life-changing difference for the people they serve. Read more

Back to School Appeal

Our Back to School Appeal will help some of the poorest children in Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya to receive an education by paying their school fees and buying them the materials they need. Read more

Food Bank Appeal

Many of our students at the Murakaza school in Burundi come to school on an empty stomach. Sometimes, they don't even have the energy to walk back home. This project will ensure they get something to eat each school day, so they have the energy to learn and play. Read more

Mental Health Matters

This Appeal will help the Kamili Organisation continue with its life-changing work by training mental health nurses and setting them up in clinics across Kenya. Read more

Bless this house

The house that love built now needs a bit of love in return. Will you help us breathe some new life into the Lewa Children's Home. Read more