Since it was established in 2015, our Kitchen Garden project has been an enormous success for 230 nursery and primary aged pupils at We Are the Future (WAF) School in Sierra Leone. Instead of going to school too hungry and tired to concentrate, or being forced to drop out in order to work and help support their families, the children have the security of a daily meal and the hope of completing their education. 


Children at the WAF school enjoying their lunch


Despite this, children in nearby schools continue to suffer from hunger and malnutrition. Many of them are so close to our project that they can see the children enjoying their lunch through their school fence, whilst their tummies remain empty.  We’re determined to put an end to this and as a result, we’re now launching our  'Stage Two School Garden Project'. With a bigger garden growing more vegetables, together with some extra kitchen supplies, we know we can help another 310 children get the nutritious meals they so desperately need. 


Click to see the plan to make our garden grow.

As is so often the case, we really can make a small gift go a very long way. For instance £9 will feed a child for a whole month; £18 will help to train a new gardener; £42 will pay for all the fertiliser needed for the garden for a month. You can even help towards the cost of a motorised tricycle and trailer to help us reach out to more schools nearby.

Any gift you can give - large or small - can help make our garden grow. Thank you.

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