Working in partnership to plant a better future for African children

Our heartfelt thanks go to Arena Flowers, the UK's number one ethical flower company who have recently partnered with us to help create lasting, sustainable change in Africa. 

Arena Flowers believe wholeheartedly that it is important to give back more than they take, through sustainable and fair supplier relationships in support of local communities. Working together, we will provide lasting change for some of Africa's most vulnerable communities in Kenya, a leading exporter of cut flowers and home to our most long-standing project, Lewa Children’s Home and School.

The Lewa Children's Home provides orphans and vulnerable children with food, shelter, medical care, first-class education and a loving family environment. Thanks to an integrated model which includes a farm and a school, Lewa is a thriving model of self-sustainability. From the most heart-wrenching beginnings, children at Lewa are nurtured to become happy, healthy, responsible and independent members of society.

Will you help us grow the Lewa community?

The children and staff at Lewa need your help to keep the children's home and beloved school running. And to give something back to our wonderful donors, we are offering incredible prizes to 4 prize draw entrants throughout June!


Kenya is a leading exporter of cut flowers and Arena Flowers is committed to supporting the sustainable development of the Lewa project over the next 12 months through funding and awareness raising. They will provide essential donations towards the running of the Farm to provide food for the children, urgent repairs of the Children’s home to keep them safe, and an entire years’ fees to put 100 children through school. In addition they have kindly donated several blooming marvellous prizes!

Enter now to help our Lewa children blossom

By entering the prize draw between now and the end of June, we will enter your name into a random number generator to receive either a whole years' subscription for flowers worth £240, or your very own beautiful bunch delivered to your door. 

Everyone can enter - whether you are donating something, or nothing at all - we want to thank and involve everyone in our celebrations!

Simply make your chosen donation or enter 0 [zero pounds] in the other donation amount and in the comments box provide us with your email or telephone number so we can get in touch should you win. We will also announce the winners on our Facebook page.

"At Arena Flowers we believe that it is important to give back more than we take, through fully sustainable and fair supplier relationships in support of local communities. We’re especially proud to be ranked as the UK’s most ethical florist, with a perfect 100 score on the Ethical Company Index three years in a row. That is why we were delighted to help support Bread and Water in their incredibly important work in Kenya, a country that is so crucial to the world of flowers and gives so much. We are delighted that our contribution will provide 100 schoolchildren with uniforms, books and school tuition for a year. Not only that but also impacting the wider community allowing for vital repairs to be made and new agricultural and dairy farming equipment to be purchased. Helping to make a significant change for a brighter future.” John Hackett, Managing Director at Arena Flowers

Do I have to make a donation to be entered?

No! If you don't wish to donate simply choose £0 option. All names will be entered into the prize draw regardless of if they've donated or not.

How much of the donation will go to charitable causes?

100% of each donation will go directly to Lewa Children's Home to top-up their support and help them with much needed repairs and improvements to their home and farm.

Aren't the prizes a waste of the charity's money?

The prizes were donated to us entirely free by Arena Flowers and have not taken any vital funds away from charitable work.

Is this a lottery?

No. For lotteries a donation or fee must be charged, for prize draws there is no cost to enter. This competition fully complies with the Fundraising Regulator UK.

How are the winners selected?

A Random Number Generator will be used to randomly select pre-allocated numbers to all entrees. This draw will be recorded on Zoom to ensure selection is entirely fair. Winners will be announced on Facebook, Instagram and personally via email. Entrees contact details will not be used for marketing purposes unless they have explicitly given permission.

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