A life transformed

Grace was a woman who had been in the psychiatric ward at the Mathari hospital in Nairobi for over 2 years. She arrived one day, suffering from critical psychosis and no one knew where she came from. A repatriation team composed of nurses from the Mathari hospital and Edith, the social worker from Kamili, had to do a lot of investigative work to find out where she came from and eventually found her village on the other side of the country. They took her there and found her sister. She had been taking care of her two daughters for 9 and 13 years since the day she had disappeared. The children were in school so they went together to the school to surprise the girls. One of them was just 6 years old when her mom disappeared. When they saw each other, they both started hugging and crying. The team gave recommendations to her sister and referred Grace to the nearest Kamili nurse in the district, so that she can go get her medicine and get counselling if necessary, knowing she'll find a familiar and friendly face there.


Hundreds of more lives impacted by your support

It is amazing what has happened over the past 3 months thanks to your support! We have continued to care for patients with mental health issues. For the past three months, 
117 new patients were enrolled and 565 consultations were offered. 

The counseling department in collaboration with the team commemorated this year’s UN International day against drugs and illicit trafficking by visiting secondary schools where they taught 170 school going youths about dangers of drugs to both their physical and mental health. The same was replicated in three of our outreach clinics where 2,400 youths were reached. 

The social work department involved patients in Occupational Therapy Interventions such as sewing/doll making. The patients attained technical skills to be used in establishing Income Generating Activities hence boosting their self-esteem and making them financially independent.

16 patients and their careers accessed loans from the micro-finance scheme to start small scale businesses. We also identified 4 families which had patients with poor clinic adherence, conducted home visits to identify the reason for the poor compliance and came up with recommendations and ways of improving adherence.

Thank you for your kind donations and continued support.

Amanya Jackson is the Administrator of the Kamili Organisation.

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