On September 13th, the children of the We Are the Future nursery and primary school put on their uniforms and marched happily into their classrooms. This year, enrollment is up, following the great success of the Kids Kitchen which you helped set up. With the difficult economic situation the country is in, the project is more vital than ever to help struggling parents provide at least one healthy meal a day to their children.

Sierra Leone is going through a very tough financial crisis at the moment, following low commodity prices on minerals and of course the Ebola epidemic. The government has put in place extraordinary measures, including higher taxes on petrol and electricity, cuts to all public spendings (including salaries), reduced pensions, etc. This is having a direct effect on people’s purchasing power. In the poor areas, such as Aberdeen, this means people and children go hungry.

Now, more than ever, the Kids Kitchen is essential in keeping children healthy and in school. The parents are counting on the daily lunches, which are kept at a very low cost for them thanks to the produce from the garden and the generous support of friends like you.

Please consider making another gift today so we can keep the Kids Kitchen up and running this year.