If you’ve already received our print or e-newsletter, you will have met Bread and Water for Africa UK’s new Chief Operating Officer, Sylvia Costantini! Read her message to our supporters below:

Dear Friends,

It’s my great pleasure to introduce myself as Bread and Water for Africa UK’s new Chief Operating Officer. Although I’ve just started in this wonderful role, I’m not new to the world of Bread and Water for Africa UK. Indeed, I’ve been closely involved with the charity, as a consultant and as a volunteer, for over eight years now. And I’m so grateful you have joined us on this incredible journey.

 Throughout my career working with overseas charities, I’ve never encountered one that’s more effective. By supporting grassroots initiatives led by tireless individuals who have dedicated their entire lives to their community, we’re able to reach people directly with the help they need. That’s why your contribution goes such a long way.

 Proud of what we achieve

 I’ve had the privilege of visiting many of these programmes and I’ve seen the life-changing impact they have on so many children and their families. I couldn’t be prouder to contribute to their mission. But none of this would be possible without your loyal support. Thanks to you, we’re able to provide education, food and healthcare to impoverished families throughout Africa.

So far this year, you’ve helped us give a daily meal to the children of the We Are the Future (WAF) kindergarten and primary school in Freetown, Sierra Leone. You’ve also contributed to the building of a water well for the students of the Logos School in Kenema. These children have had to live through the horrors of Ebola and now, with the economy in shambles, they’re struggling with the most basic necessities. With your help, we can give them hope and put a smile on their faces.

It’s all because of you

 You’ve also helped us make progress in Burundi to provide vital education to children and young adults, despite the challenging and uncertain political situation there. All of this incredible work, and more, is only possible thanks to the generosity of compassionate global citizens like you.

 Thank you again for being such a loyal supporter and Rafiki (friend) of Bread and Water for Africa UK. I look forward to working with you to achieve even more in the future

Best Wishes,

Sylvia Costantini

Chief Operating Officer