April 7th marks the 68th annual World Health Day. This year, The World Health Organisation is focusing its attention on the leading cause of ill health and disability worldwide: Depression.

At Bread and Water for Africa UK we support the Kamili Organisation in Kenya which offers support for people suffering from a wide range of mental health issues, from depression, to drug and alcohol abuse.

The Kamili Nurse training project supports five of the 47 counties in Kenya, and aims to lower the stigma of mental health issues within these communities. It also aims to provide post qualification training opportunities and mental health nurses, put more mental health qualified nurses in the field and of course, provide long term careers for nurses in the mental-health industry.

As well as combating mental health issues, BWAUK supports a number of projects that focus on physical health and well-being in many parts of Africa. One in particular that we are passionate about is the Kenema Water Well project in Sierra Leone, run by Faith Healing Development Organisation (FHDO). It aims primarily to provide safe drinking water for the Shaddai School in Kenema District.

Not only does this well provide much needed water, it also provides a reliable source for sanitation to improve the overall hygiene in this community. Something as simple as a reliable and consistent water source can help to tackle spread of disease in a community like the one in Kenema District.

Another health project that has seen remarkable success for long-term health developments is the CAPE foundation in Burundi. This projects aims to provide long term nutrition for children and their communities: The health needs of individuals is assessed by CAPE who then aim to  provide food, medicines, advice and individual or family support to anyone in need through this project.

The Centre for Help and Protection of Children (Cape) has been providing children in the Sabe area of Burundi with health care and hygiene support for nearly 2 years now. Thanks to support from our donors, BWFAUK have been able to strengthen grassroots initiatives like this.