Bread and Water for Africa UK Complaints Policy

Our Complaints Policy

Here at Bread and Water for Africa UK, we have a strong commitment to transparency and accountability to our beneficiaries and donors alike. Our mission stays alive thanks to our supporters across the UK and we strive to be responsible stewards of their precious support to communities and families across Africa. Without you, we could not help our programme partners across Africa delivering vital services to thousands of people in their communities.

As per our commitment, we take concerns and complaints from our supporters and the public very seriously. We appreciate the efforts of the public to interact with our charity and ensure that we are meeting our own expectations and theirs, and thus we strive to ensure that anyone supporting our work has an accredited means to express their complaints and be assured that it will be addressed.

How to Submit a “Complaint”

To share your thoughts, concerns and complaints, there are three options that a you can pursue.

  1. Telephone

Please feel free to ring us on

0207 614 7696

at any time to speak with a Bread and Water for Africa UK member of staff or to leave a voicemail for us with a contact number so that we can reply to your concern promptly.

  1. Email

You can submit your complaint via email at [email protected] or via our website.

  1. Letter

You’re welcome to post us a letter to:

Bread and Water for Africa UK
33 Creechurch Lane
City of London

If you write us a letter, please allow us approximately ten business days to receive a written response to our letter or provide a phone number in your letter so that we can be in touch more quickly.

Following the submission of a complaint, Bread and Water for Africa UK will investigate the complaint and provide a response including the result of the investigation within 30 days of the complaint being made (length of time varies based on the nature and/or extent of complaint made).

If the complainant is satisfied with our response, we consider the complaint resolved.

If the complainant feels that our response is inadequate, and your complaint is fundraising-related, then you can contact the Fundraising Regulator:

Fundraising Regulator

2nd Floor,

CAN Mezzanine Building,

49-51 East Road,


N1 6AH

Tel: 0300 999 3407
[email protected]


You can also fill their online complaint form here: 

If your complaint is related to some other aspect of our work and you do not feel satisfied with our response, then you can also contact The Charity Commission using the following information:

The Charity Commission

PO Box 1227
L69 3UG

Tel: 0845 3000 218  


Fundraising Preference Service

Any request to be taken out of our mailing list and stop receiving communications from us can be raised with the Fundraising Preference Service, a service of the Fundraising Reluator, at the address below: 

Their helpline is accessible at 0300 3033 517.


Our Promise

Bread and Water for Africa UK promises to treat every complaint and concern seriously and as an opportunity to improve our services and programmes. We promise to be transparent about our practices, even if it means acknowledging a mistake and apologising before striving to rectify the mistake and ensure it will not happen again. We promise to treat every complaint with our respectful attention and we appreciate the public’s engagement with our work.

Feel free to contact us should you have any questions or comments: 02032890707 or [email protected]