Darlene, 9 years old, wanted to write this letter to tell us how much the porridge project means to her and her family. Here is an English translation of her original letter in Kirundi.

Darlene and her brother Alain show the letter she wrote

Pupil: Darlene
School: Murakaza
Date: Oct 2019

My name is Darlene Nyunkuru, I’m 9 years old. My brother’s name is Alain Siza, he’s 7 years old. I’m in my 2nd year of primary school and he is in his first year.
We live in Butere and we walk 5 km every morning to come to the Murakaza school in SABE and then we walk again 5km back home. We love our school because the teachers are kind and they teach us well.
When we were told we were going to receive food, we were all super happy. Every day, we get a bowl of porridge. This really makes us want to come to school and work hard. It is very important for us because this help us to make the walk back home. Our tummies ache less in the afternoon.
It was also very helpful for our mother, because she also has to take care of our other two little brothers. Sometimes, she gets a bit of work, but not always. She is alone to take care of us.
I thank God, because with the porridge we are getting extra food and that feels warm. Bless the people who help us, by giving money to the school because it means they are thinking of us.
And we thank Mme Françoise who has helped us a lot and who is always by our side, not only for the school but also for medical. She
was even able to find a job for our mum and a place to live. And I love my mum with all my heart because she does her best for all of us.


The original letter from Darlene written in Kirundi