In light of the recent Ebola virus epidemic that began in April 2014 – our focus has shifted to providing emergency relief to our partner clinics and their districts that have been quarantined. In addition to quarantines that have raised the price of basic foodstuffs and daily hygienic materials, as of 5th September 2014, our partners have reported that the rice stores are likely to deplete within two weeks because flights and shipments into Sierra Leone have been banned by most major transportation carriers in the region. We will keep you updated on the status of our projects in the region, but please consider that Sierra Leone is currently on lock down. We are currently sending funds as we can to sustain the quarantined clinic regions of Kailahun and Kenema where deaths are still soaring and starvation has become an active threat. Please consider donating whatever you can today to support our local partners and communities during this unprecedented outbreak. Check back on our main website and our Facebook page for updates as we receive them from our partners.

What we’re doing

We’re providing holistic healthcare services, providing clean water to remote communities investing in agricultural and income-generation projects, and setting up schools and vocational training programmes.

What we need to do next

We need to complete a permanent healthcare clinic in Bo and build wells at the clinics in the cities of Rokel, Bo and Kenema. We’d also like to help FHDO’s bakery project purchase new bread-making equipment for improving the income-generating capacity of the project.

We’re proud to say The Faith and Healing Development Organisation (FHDO) is one of our most successful partners in Africa. Together with the sister charities in the Bread and Water for Africa network, we’re bringing sustainable growth and development to over 20,000 disadvantaged people in communities across Sierra Leone.

We’re caring for local communities

Through FHDO, we’ve set up clinics in the Rokel community on the outskirts of Freetown, as well as in the provinces of Bo, Kenema, Bunumbu, Lungi and Rutile. Before our work there, the local people had no access to reliable healthcare. Now families can get the vaccinations, medications, and HIV/AIDS education and treatment that was desperately lacking. Additionally, pregnant women can get pre and postnatal care to help them give their children a better start in life.

We’re helping families feed themselves

In the rural communities in Sierra Leone, the threat of famine is never too far away. It hasn’t always been like this. Before the civil war in the 1990s, this area was known as the main farming belt in Northern Sierra Leone. Sadly farmers and their families were driven away by rebels and soon the land became desolate.

To encourage farmers back onto the land and protect the poor families who still live in this region, we’ve been working with FHDO, re-training the farmers who were robbed of their crops and seeds by rebels.

We’ve also helped allocate and prepare 200 acres of land for farmers to use for rice crops, and 150 acres of land for groundnut crops. Thanks to this work, farmers are seeing a brighter future and relatives of those affected by the rebels are beginning to move back into the in the region.

We’re helping the underprivileged earn a wage

In 2006, we helped FHDO set up a bakery in the village of Grafton. This provides disadvantaged women much-needed jobs producing high-quality breads, cakes and other baked goods that they sell for profit in the village and surrounding areas.

We’re providing skills for a better future

With our support, FHDO has set up four primary schools and three secondary schools in Freetown and surrounding provinces. Since they were established, we’ve been helping FHDO fund the day-to-day running of the schools. We’ve also been behind the creation of a vocational institute. Here women learn vital skills – like Gara-tie-dying, soap making, tailoring and weaving – so that they can use these skills to earn money for their families and to empower themselves to make more financial decisions in their households.

Your gift today can help us continue to support the vital and transformative work of FHDO.