For any of you who like to push your limits to the extreme, we have collected a few ideas on how to get your adrenalin kick while supporting a great cause.


Is skydiving one item on your bucket list? Why not spread your wings and tick it off whilst raising funds for a good cause at the same time?

Learn more about how to book a charity jump and registration here.

Bungee Jumping

Another adrenaline inducing way to raise funds is to sign up for a bungee jump. Although it surely requires some courage, it is an activity that can be done by the majority of people. The UK Bungee Club offers an easy sign up process. To make it accessible from various locations, events are hosted across the country. Check out their website for guidance on how to sign up.

Learn more about how to book your jump here.

Tough Mudder

Looking for a fun challenge to do with your friends or work colleagues? Tough Mudder is an obstacle run that surely will push you to your limits and the bigger the group the greater the fun! Events are hosted throughout the whole year and in various locations. They also offer the possibility of corporate sign ups, to raise funds with your whole company. You will not only contribute to a meaningful cause while having fun, but strengthen team building.

Sign up with your whole work team and get started with the training!