If travelling and attending group events isn't for you or you simply do not have as much time on your hands, we have collected some fun fundraising challenge ideas that you can do easily from the comfort of your home, with your kids or even at work. Get creative, have some fun and connect with the people around you while raising funds for a good cause.


2.6 Challenge

The 2.6 Challenge was introduced to help charities during the difficult times of the pandemic. As many fundraising events were cancelled, this is a platform offering the possibility to create your own fundraiser and easily get started in raising funds. Select BWAUK as the charity of your choice and scroll through the website to get inspired by various online fundraising ideas.

The 2.6 Challenge - The UK’s charities need your help (twopointsixchallenge.co.uk)

Bake Sale

Whether you bake with your kids to sell at your front door, at the office, at a school or for an online bake sale, this offers a delicious way to raise funds with low effort and includes the whole family or work team. Who doesn't love some homemade treats?

Why not try these easy and delicious recipe ideas? 

Host a Dinner Party

Do you enjoy cooking, socialising, and connecting with friends over some good food? Why not host a dinner party and consider making it African themed? 

Whether it is a dinner party, a kid’s party or a work party, you are having fun, sharing something with your guests and raising money for a good cause. We suggest a charge of £20-£25 per guest.

Email us to request a secret recipe written up by our very own Phyllis from our Lewa project! 

Competition for Best Desk Decorator

Are you looking for fun ideas of how to get your colleagues involved and raise some funds at work? The possibilities are endless. Competitions are always a fun way to spice up the working routine and bring in some creativity. Why not start a competition for the Best Desk Decorator? For a small entry fee and a big enough team participation, you will be able to raise money and smiles at the same time. Be sure to run this past your health and safety team first! 

Organise a Quiz

A quiz is a simple idea, always involves a lot of fun and can be hosted anywhere, at your local pub, at home with your family, at work or even online. Simply charge a small contribution and get the competition started.