Regardless of how you’re raising money, who your donors are, and how much you’re trying to raise, there are some useful tips which apply to any fundraising activity:


Understand the charity, and how you’re making a difference

This is perhaps the most important consideration. By having a complete understanding of how you will be making a difference, you’ll be far more likely to successfully ask for donations. Contact us to speak to a member of staff about the amazing difference you can make by supporting one of our programmes. Whether it is a clinic in rural Sierra Leone or a home for streets children in Rwanda, our partners work at the heart of their community and every pound you raise will help make a massive difference.

Enlist help from friends and family

This doesn’t just mean asking for sponsorship; encourage those around you to make the most of their own networks and promote your fundraising campaign. Someone might be able to put a little poster or sign in their school, church or gym. Others might be able to put a note in their office newsletter. If you need help making a poster, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We have some wonderful graphic design volunteers who are happy to help.

Make the most of social media

In 2018 this is an absolute must, and will allow you to reach a wider audience, perhaps picking up some unexpected donations along the way. We can provide you with photos and stories of the real people you will help to make your posts more engaging.

Continue fundraising after the event

According to JustGiving, 20% of donations come in after an event. Be sure to utilise any positive publicity surrounding your event, and convert this into more donations!