Fundraising Ideas 

Sporting Event

Whether you like to swim, cycle or run, this is not only an excellent challenge to set yourself but also a great way to raise money. Sign up for an event, draw up a training schedule, and set up a fundraising page.

Ideal for anyone who’s trying to get fit and challenge themselves.

A BWAUK supporter finished the NYC marathon

Bake Sale

A pretty straightforward way to fundraise; get your friends, family and community involved, and raise funds by selling baked goods.

Ideal for anyone who likes baking and is a strong organiser.

Bristol ACE bake sale in 2015

Pub Quiz

This has been used by our supporters two years in a row; raising over £1000 at the first one and nearly £2500 at the second. Design a quiz (perhaps African-themed) and invite people to sign up in groups of 4 or 5. Fundraise by charging an appropriate ticket price and/or asking the pub to donate a share of the proceeds from that evening.

Ideal for anyone who is creative and well organised.

The crowd at our last pub quiz in London

Garage Sale

Another simple fundraising idea; ask your friends, family and neighbours to sell anything they don’t need and donate the proceeds to charity. Be sure to leave enough time for yourself to organise your sale items, solicit items from friends and family, and then to advertise your garage sale and put out signs.

Ideal for anyone who’s well organised, and has lots of things lying around…

a garage sale

Global Adventure Challenge

An enormous number and variety of events fall under this category, in every corner of the world. We recommend a number of challenges which present excellent opportunities for fundraising:

For more challenges, visit Global Adventure Challenges.

Ideal if you’re looking for the adventure of a lifetime and willing to pay the upfront costs yourself.

A group of people standing in front of Mount Kilimanjaro