Setting up your fundraising page on our website couldn’t be easier. 100% of the donations you raise through our website will go to Bread and Water for Africa UK.  

Step 1: Choose where you would like the money to go.

You can choose to support a specific appeal, such as the Square Meal Appeal or Back to School Appeal, or if you don’t have a preference, select ‘Where the need is greatest’  and we will use the funds you raise to support the project which is most in need.

Step 2: Write a title for your page.

Keep this simple and effective; a name and event format tends to work well i.e. John’s London Marathon fundraising page.

Step 3: Create a web address for your page.

This will be automatically filled from the page title, unless you wish to customise it.

Step 4: Write a quick summary of why you’re fundraising.

Explain to your supporters – briefly – what you’re raising money for and why.

Step 5: Tell your supporters the full story.

A more in-depth and detailed version of step 4; explain why this cause is close to your heart and emphasise how even a small donation will make a big difference. Don't hesitate to contact us for photos and personal stories of the real people you will be helping.

Step 6: Set a target of how much you want to raise.

This is very important. Set a target which is both ambitious and achievable; pages with a fundraising target raise on average 46% more than pages which don’t.

Step 7: Upload a photo of yourself for your page.

Fundraisers who include a photo on their page raise, on average, 14% more per photo than those who don’t. We can provide you with photos of the projects you'll be supporting. (Source: JustGiving)

Step 8: Submit your page.

A member of our team will confirm your page, at which point it will display on our website.

Step 9: Promote your page!

This is unquestionably the most important step. Make sure to utilise every tool at your disposal: talk to close friends and family; call and text people you know; post a link to your page and frequent updates on all of your social media. Most importantly, make sure to remind people over and over again; they are usually happy to give, but are often busy and will forget about it. And don't worry: no one ever gets mad for being asked to support a good cause. Obviously, we're here to help you with anything you need, be it marketing materials such as photos and stories or to share the news to our own social media networks. Together, we'll make sure your fundraiser is successful.