After completing his Masters in Development Studies from Njala University, John worked for several faith-based and community-based organisations, managing development and advocacy projects in post-war Sierra Leone. In 2005, he was charged with establishing the We Are the Future Center, in partnership with Freetown City Council and international partners, which he still runs to this day. The Center is a thriving educational center for early childhood education, a primary school and a youth training center. He has been working closely with the local community and local authorities in the face of challenges, such as the Ebola outbreak and the recent mudslides. 

“The We Are the Future Center provided an opportunity for youths to see children as their responsibility in a positive way, demonstrating love and care. I see my role as a guidance to help them become the next generation of leaders for our country.
-- John Sandy

In 2016, John was elected Secretary General of the Local Policing Partnership Board, to liaise between the community and the authorities. John is passionate about working with children and youth and determined to build their skills and attitude to become the future leaders of tomorrow.