A country of 48 million people located in East Africa, Kenya has the biggest and most advanced economy in the region. Despite this, Kenya continues to face a number of challenges: 38.5% of the adult population is illiterate largely due to regional disparities in access to education; 42% of the population lives below the poverty line; and millions of Kenyans continue to be affected by preventable diseases such as malaria, pneumonia and TB. Read more about Kenya here.

Bread and Water for Africa UK supports two projects in Kenya; the Lewa Children’s Home and Kamili Organisation.

Lewa Children’s Home

Lewa Children’s Home is based on a 500-acre site that also includes the Baraka Farm and the Kipkeino School. It provides orphans and vulnerable children with food, shelter, medical care, first-class education and a loving family environment. Thanks to an integrated model which includes the farm and the school, Lewa is a thriving model of self-sustainability. Read more.

Kamili Organisation.

The Kamili Organisation runs three mental health clinics, which operate 32 times each month, and are seeing an increasing number of patients as hospitals begin to identify and diagnose mental illness. Kamili provides over 5,000 patients with holistic care: proper diagnosis, long-term treatment and counselling. It is now sponsoring training for psychiatric nurses who return to their hospitals to set up model Makili outreach clinics. Read more.

Lewa Children's Home, Eldoret Kamili Organisation, Nairobi
Students in classroom