A place to call home

The Lewa Children's Home provides orphans and vulnerable children with food, shelter, medical care, first-class education and a loving family environment. Thanks to an integrated model which includes a farm and a school, Lewa is a thriving model of self-sustainability. From the most heart-wrenching beginnings, children at Lewa are nurtured to become happy, healthy, responsible and independent members of society. We need your help to keep caring for these children who have nowhere else to go.

Alone in the world with nowhere to go

Abandoned and orphaned children are assigned to Lewa by the justice court. Some of them were abandoned at birth at the hospital, out of desperation, often because of illnesses or disabilities the parents couldn't cope with, or they are brought in by good Samaritans who noticed them living alone in the streets, being abused or neglected. All of them have heart-wrenching stories no child should go through, trauma and medical conditions requiring round-the-clock care, especially at the beginning.

Watch the documentary on Lewa.

The boundless love of a mother

Phyllis Keino started taking care of destitute children in the 1970s. Although they are other Children's Home in Kenya, none compares with Lewa. Lewa provides the love of a caring family environment and the structure and balance children need to flourish and become independent members of society. The farm and the school make it self-sustaining. In addition to the dozens orphans in her care (sometimes up to 100), Phyllis provides school sponsorships to vulnerable children from the community.

Three schoolchildren

Sowing seeds

Thanks to your support, we will be able to continue caring for these vulnerable children, providing them with top-quality education and equipping them to become the leaders of tomorrow. Thanks to the Baraka farm, which provides food and income for the children, Lewa has become a model of self-sustainable development, inspiring many in the region and all over the continent.

Please consider supporting the Lewa Children's Home so we can provide more children with a brighter future.

Melinda is just one of many children whose lives have been transformed by Lewa Children's Home. Read her story here

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