Melanie’s lifelong passion for and understanding of Kenya and her commitment to improving mental health wherever she lives, have combined to become a force for extraordinary good in Kenya. Her tenacity has created an organisation that has the structure and momentum to be self-sustaining. Her patience when dealing with authorities who have had different priorities has enabled her to build a service that is integrated into Kenya’s Health delivery model, and is welcomed by those same authorities as a partnership. Her creative problem solving is a masterclass in getting things done, and in providing holistic solutions to immense and intractable problems. These things have never been achieved before and, as a result, 5,000 (and growing) patients and their extended families are getting the support and therapies they need to manage their mental health issues. In 2017, Melanie was awarded an MBE from HM The Queen.

"We have come a long way in a few years and we couldn't have done this without the support, encouragement and generosity of a large number of people both here in Kenya and across the world."

-- Melanie Blake