Last week we were honoured to welcome donors and supporters in London, for a special evening with Phyllis Keino and Melanie Blake MBE. The evening celebrated these remarkable women and their achievements alongside BWAUK, and it certainly delivered.

Advocating for mental health patients

The evening started off with Melanie Blake, who was recently awarded an MBE, presenting her work as the Founder and Director of the Kamili Organisation. This work, in partnership with Bread and Water for Africa UK, offers training for mental health nurses and strives to provide much needed support for people suffering with mental illness in Kenya.

The mum to thousands of orphaned and abandoned children

Next, Phyllis Keino addressed the audience regarding her work with orphaned children in Kenya as Director of the Lewa Children’s Home and Baraka Farm in Eldoret. Phyllis, who founded the organisation in the 1970s, spoke fondly and proudly of the children she has raised throughout the years. She told the touching story of an orphaned boy called Kofi, who was a malnourished baby, left in a plastic bag when she found him. After several years at Lewa, he is now healthy, cheeky and growing up fast. Phyllis’ own daughter is now fostering the child and he lives with her in Nairobi.

The evening came to a close with an address from BWAUK’s chairman of the board of trustees, Christopher Queree, who highlighted how vital your support is to Phyllis’s and Melanie’s work in Kenya. He also reiterated how truly inspirational these two women are and how proud we are to be working with them.

Sylvia Costantini is the CEO of Bread and Water for Africa UK.

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