After the setback of the pandemic and the financial losses that this came with, we have been very busy behind the scenes seeking corporate partnerships to help strengthen the charity and our impact. We are committed to finding ways of creating long term financial stability, so that we will not only be able to continue supporting our projects, but be able to help them expand their services and increase their impact. Especially at times where many companies had their own decrease in income, this was not an easy task. Nevertheless, we are now thrilled to announce our first success and our exiting new partnership with Arena Flowers, the UK's leading ethical florist.

Arena flowers is committed to 'planting better futures', by working together with growers to improve the welfare and environment of their workers. The company is dedicated to constantly finding new ways in which they can do more, reduce their environmental footprint and support communities in need. Their mission is to give more then they take and their dedication to sustainability, makes them an ideal partner for us.

"Together we will provide a future for some of

Kenya's most vulnerable children." Ruby Glasspool, CEO

Due to Kenya's hot climate and its location at the equator, it is an ideal country to grow flowers. With flowers being the country's highest foreign exchange earnings just after tea, the export is a constantly growing business. In 2020 the estimated sales accounted for 140.000 tonnes of flowers, with the UK being one of Kenya's leading buyers.

After initial conversations of how the partnership between Arena Flowers and BWAUK could work, supporting the Lewa Children's Home quickly seemed the perfect fit for both of us. Arena flowers will have the opportunity to directly contribute to the sustainable improvement of a community in one of their growers countries, and we can ensure the long term support for one of our projects.

Arena Flowers will help us to support the sustainable development of the project in the years to come. This includes the provision of funds to buy new farm equipment that has been needed for a  long time as well as paying for salaries of the farm staff. The farm is an essential part of the project, that not only provides the children with food, but also creates an income, meaning they can work towards full self-sufficiency. Additionally, Arena Flowers will provide much needed repairs at the home itself and an entire years' school fees for up to 100 children. The impact this will have in increasing the farm's possibility to create more income and ensure a better home for the children is profound and we couldn't be more grateful. 

But it doesn’t stop with their donation to Lewa. Arena Flowers have extended their generosity to our wonderful supporters...

By donating to Lewa between now and the end of June, we will enter your name into a prize draw to receive a whole years’ subscription of fresh cut flowers, or runner-up prizes of fresh bouquets delivered to your door. Click the link below to enter...

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