Last week we asked you to help us through the Christmas Challenge to raise money for our Kitchen Garden project in Sierra Leone to provide 230 children at the We Are the Future school a lunch time meal – often the only meal they will eat all day.

This is helping children like 10-year-old Fanta. She lost both parents, so her grandmother is looking after her, but she has very little money. As Fanta now gets a meal at school every day, she is doing well at school, as she doesn't feel hungry all the time. She wants to go on to Junior Secondary, and eventually to “become a nurse and treat sick people”, she tells us.

10-year old Fanta was orphaned, now she will receive a lunch-time meal at the WATF school thanks to your support

To support her and her friends at the school we joined forces with the Big Give Christmas challenge, in a matching fundraiser so every pound raised is doubled thanks to the generosity of philanthropists like the Helen Hamlyn Trust, The Reed Foundation, The Childhood Trust, and the Garfield Weston Foundation.

Little girl is eating her school lunch in Freetown Sierra Leone

As is so often the case, we really can make a small gift go a very long way. For instance £9 will feed a child for a whole month; £18 helps to train a new gardener to grow food, and £42 pays for fertiliser needed for the garden for a month. 

Thanks again for your tremendous support!

You can still donate to this project by clicking here:

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