People are coming together to fight Coronavirus, ‘the common enemy’, says John Sandy from We Are the Future 

Bread and Water for Africa UK and We are The Future (WAF) are working with the Crabtown and Aberdeen beach communities to deliver food, water, soap and other necessities to the local population in Freetown, Sierra Leone’s capital. Sandy, who heads up the WAF school and kitchen garden project urged people to come together as a community to defeat “this deadly virus" and the common enemy.

John Donald Sandy during a distribution of buckets and soap to fight COVID-19

Sandy is putting this fight into action, helping to supply people with food, water, soap and masks, and other measures to keep the virus at large.

Supplying enough water for four weeks

One of the major exercises is to supply enough water for the community, and WAF is seen in this video working with community volunteers to fill up the water tanks. John Sandy explains that “We are filling up tanks so that we will have 10,000 litres of water, which will supply the community for four weeks. You can see the mad rush (to get water) now that the tank is full”

WAF has joined with other volunteers from the local community to provide 100 25kg bags of rice, together with fiscal cash, Veronica buckets, soap and other items to vulnerable households. This has been supplied thanks to your generous donations to Bread and Water for Africa UK, as otherwise many families wouldn’t know when and where their next meal will come from.

Food distribution at the We Are the Future school in Freetown, Sierra Leone, during COVID-19

Mohamed Sheriff Rahman-Coker, the local MP praised the operation, reminding people what the country had gone through at the time of the Ebola pandemic, adding “We cannot afford to allow Coronavirus to take us to a similar path”.

Please continue with your generous donations to our COVID-19 Appeal, so we can continue to give support to the phenomenal work being carried out by organisations like We Are the Future in Sierra Leone.

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