Donations to receive a 50% match this week

We are excited to be a part of the Global Giving 'littlexlittle' campaign this week, where a little goes a long way. Global Giving are offering a 50% match on all donations up to £50 received from 23rd-27th March 2020. We are experiencing unprecedented times in the world with the outbreak of the Corona virus, and it's more important than ever to not forget the people in the world who don't have reliable access to the most basic supplies. Toilet roll is likely to be at the very bottom of the list for those in desperate need of our help, who are depending on us for simple food and medicine and somewhere safe to sleep. The littlexlittle campaign will turn £10 into £15, or £40 into £60! That's a significant difference when it comes to how far we can make the funds go.

Global Giving's littlexlittle campaign

Where will the donations go?

We have several projects throughout Africa that all rely heavily on the funds we raise. Projects like Lewa Children's Home in Kenya provides safety, food, education and healthcare for children that have nowhere else to go and no-one to turn to. The Kamili Organisation provides critical mental health care to patients throughout Kenya. The Murakaza School in Bujumbura provides essential services to children living in a slum outside the capital of Burundi. And even after all this time, we are still dealing with the devastating aftermath of the Ebola breakout, leaving many fishing families out of an income; the We Are The Future campaign provides meals for poverty stricken school children who would otherwise likely not eat at all. Every donation we receive goes directly to these projects, changing lives together.

Very happy Children receiving their porridge at the Murakaza school

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Kindness really does make a difference

With the donations we receive, for example, we can continue caring for orphaned and vulnerable children in and around Eldoret, Kenya. Children like *Lavender and Abigail, two sisters who were brought to Lewa Children's Home by Social Services and have already adapted really well to their new home. They are still very quiet, but they always have a smile on their face and are thriving. Or the little boy - who couldn't be more than two weeks old - who was found, in a cardboard box, just outside the gate and has now been taken in by Phyllis and her staff, who will make sure he gets all the care and love every child deserves. Every pound or dollar you give converts into a little bit of kindness for someone who needs it.


Children being cared for at Lewa

We are very grateful to fantastic initiatives like littlexlittle who help to make donations go further, and of course to our wonderful donors, no matter how much you give, it goes a long way! 

*Names may have been changed for privacy

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