We're happy and proud to present you with our 2018 Activity report. See how your contribution has helped us impact the lives of thousands of children and families in Africa.

Last year, we've continued to support:

- The Lewa Children's Home in Kenya, providing a safe and loving home for children who have been orphaned or abandoned.

- The Centre for the Help and Protection of Children (CAPE - Centre d'Aide et de Protection de l'Enfant) in Burundi, with the critical addition of our school feeding programme, which provides a daily bowl of fortified porridge to each child, showing dramatic effects on their health status and concentration levels in class.

- The Imizi Children's Center in Rwanda, with the provision of salaries for their dedicated team of social workers, who look after the well-being of the vulnerable children in their care.

- The Kamili Organisation in Kenya, by funding the training for psychiatric nurses who then set up mental health clinics in their respective hospitals, giving access to mental health services to thousands of patients and their families. 

- The We Are the Future Center in Sierra Leone, through the Kids Kitchen & Garden project, providing not only a well-balanced lunch every day to their students but also educational activities to children and their families around the importance of a healthy diet and the benefits of growing your own food.

We would like to thank all our generous donors for making all this possible by continuing to support our actions year after year.

A special thanks also goes to our volunteers Daphne Davies (Editor) and Ric Wilson (Graphic Designer) who put together this report. 

Square cover 2018 annual report Bread and Water for Africa UK

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You can also read our full FY2018 Financial statement and trustees report HERE