A community leader. A role model. But most importantly, a mother.

We couldn't be prouder: Phyllis Keino, BWAUK's spokesperson and founder and director of the Lewa Children's Home, was awarded the prestigious World of Children Humanitarian Award 2018 for her life-long dedication to the cause of children.

Phyllis Keino recipient of the World of Children Humanitarian Award 2018 and child

The Humanitarian Award recognises individuals making extraordinary contributions to children through social services or humanitarian services.

A nurse. A teacher. A community leader. A businesswoman. A role model. A dreamer. But most importantly, Phyllis Keino is a mother.
-- World of Children

Until October 30, 2018, World of Children with match 2:1 any donation made to Phyllis' fundraising page. That means that if you donate £10, Lewa will receive £30!

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