It’s now 3 years since we launched the Kids Kitchen Garden, and the project continues to thrive. 230 schoolchildren, many of whom faced hunger on a daily basis, are receiving a healthy, nutritious meal every day at the We Are the Future School (WAF). In a country where nearly half the population is food insecure, that’s quite an achievement.

 Women harvest green beans in the school garden in Freetown

Despite the success of the Kitchen Garden, there’s a problem. As Sierra Leone struggles to emerge from the devastation of the Civil War and the 2014 Ebola epidemic, large swathes of the population remain at critical risk of hunger and malnutrition, none more so than children at other schools in Freetown.

The 310 pupils at Cape Community School are just a stone’s throw away from We Are the Future, and not only do many of the children there go hungry, they do so while watching the children at WAF enjoy their daily meal!

A little girl hopes to get a meal too 

When our project director in Sierra Leone, John Donald Sandy, informed us of this heartbreaking story we knew we couldn’t allow it to continue. So we decided to expand the project, by increasing the size of the existing garden at WAF to feed the children at Cape Community School as well.

Children at the WAF school enjoying their lunch 

The Kids Kitchen Garden has already proved to be an effective and sustainable model for alleviating malnutrition in Sierra Leone; if we could carry out the planned expansion, we could feed a total of 540 schoolchildren, up from 230 today!

You can help by donating to our School Garden Stage Two Appeal.

Jonny Hellman is the Communications Intern at Bread and Water for Africa UK.

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