Last year we received the terrible news that Murakaza school, which we have been supporting over a number of years, was badly damaged by severe flooding and there was a real threat it would collapse. We asked you to help, and you came to the rescue with some very generous support, which meant that there was now enough money to fund the repairs to the classroom and teachers’ accommodation, AND enough left over to build a new classroom and a new nursery.

The new classroom means that the school can now accept an additional 45 children this year. This is wonderful news, as it makes such a difference for the local children and their families. The children used to beg on the streets, and before the school was opened, would often have to walk miles to other schools, passing rotting bodies of people killed during local conflicts. This school provides them with a haven of safety, as well as the chance to gain an education and make a future for themselves.

As for the new nursery, staff tell us it has had a truly remarkable impact for both the mothers and their children. It has meant that mothers can leave their children to be looked after while they attend the literacy and numeracy classes the school is offering, or to attend the sewing workshop, thus improving their chances of finding employment. 

The teachers can also see a striking difference between the children who have been to nursery and those in First Grade that haven’t as their concentration is improved, they are more articulate, and their performance is better. So helping mothers and babies is one step to breaking the cycle of poverty.