In Sierra Leone, the We Are The Future (WAF) project in Freetown is providing daily meals to the 230 children at the WAF kindergarten and primary school.

Before this, staff at the school realised that the pupils used to come to school without having had any breakfast, as the families were too poor to provide them with food and sometimes they would have to skip lessons to earn enough money to pay for a meal at lunch time.

So the teachers at the WAF school, decided to supply the children with lunches. With the generous support of people who donated to Bread and Water for Africa UK, they transformed a patch of land near the school into a garden, and built a kitchen and dining room to provide lunches for all the children. In 2016 the lunch project started operation.

This has meant that all the children at the school, like the two brothers, Alieu, aged seven, and Mark, aged 10, who used to have to sell charcoal to earn money to pay for a meal at lunch time, can concentrate on their studies.

Throughout the school grades have rocketed and absence from class is at an all-time low. Children’s nutritional status has improved and, consequently, so have their overall health and cognitive development. This is also a great relief to their parents and other caregivers.