Our partner, the We are The Future center (WAF) is working with the Crabtown and Aberdeen communities in Freetown, Sierra Leone's capital, to deliver food, water, soap and other necessities. This is all thanks to your generous support.

John sandy distributing food in Freetown during COVID-19

Women taking the lead

Aunty Hawa, a local community leader, urged women to take a lead in the fight against COVID-19, arguing that as the primary caregivers, women suffer more from the effects. Hawa encouraged the women to use the water responsibly as the first and most important gift they have received.

Water is being delivered to the community, by filling a communal 10,000 Liter tank, by We Are the Future, with financial support from Bread and Water for Africa UK. 

Emergency water distribution in Freetown Sierra Leone during COVID19

200 householders still without food

While thanking donors for their support, she said that there are still more than 200 households who have not yet received any assistance, and asked people to continue to lobby for more supplies.

Volunteers to support police efforts

As well as delivering food and water to the local community, WAF and other community groups are working with the local police to ensure social distancing, a key to stopping the virus. They are maintaining strict supervision of the beach and have asked commercial sex workers to stay away, as this is a major means of passing the virus. Just as they did during Ebola, the community is coming together, to disseminate important information and dissipate tensions. Coordinated by WAF, the young volunteers will be combing the beach and remind people that they are not allowed to gather there as per government guidelines.

A group of volunteers gather to support police efforts in Freetown Sierra Leone

Please continue with your generous donations to our COVID-19 Appeal, so we can continue to give support to the phenomenal work being carried out by organisations like WAF in Sierra Leone.

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