We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Charitable Travel, which will raise vital funds for communities in need in Africa. The concept is simple, book your next flight or holiday through Charitable Travel and they will donate 5% of your travel costs to us if you choose us as the beneficiary. Your holiday means our children will be able to eat!

Many small charities have seen a drastic decrease in income since lockdown started in March, and we have been busy finding ways to diversify our income streams to counteract this. With important discussions on climate change and a growing interest in philanthropy, it's becoming more popular than ever to offset the impact of travel with giving back to people and planet. If lockdown taught us one thing, it is that it's in the helping of others where we achieve our greatest sense of fulfilment and purpose. 

"Charitable Travel is a social enterprise rather than a private enterprise and has a clear social purpose to help charity fundraising. The charity sector at this time of global challenge has never needed help more so, when we were ready to launch, I didn’t want to waste a moment to start delivering ‘travel for good'."

Melissa, Founder of Charitable Travel

Charitable Travel is run by a highly skilled team of travel experts who have decades of experience finding the best travel options for their customers. Destinations include the furthest corners of the globe and an impressive variety of activity led trips. And of course Africa is on the list! If donating 5% of your holiday fees isn't enough for your philanthropic ambitions, why not spend some time volunteering at our fabulous Lewa Children's Home in Kenya? 

Lewa Children's home and school set in beautiful rural Kenya

We recently published an article by David Randall on responsible and ethical volunteering in Africa. One of the ways we can leave a footprint of love and generosity on the lands we travel across, is to choose new responsible ways like this to book and plan our holidays. In this way we are acknowledging what local communities and infrastructures are providing for us, and returning the favour. It's the ticket to feel good, fulfilling and truly purposeful travel.

"My hope is that Charitable Travel is successful delivering ‘travel for good’ and that our charity and travel colleagues, but most importantly our customers join us making a real difference."