The Gift of Giving: A year of healthy breakfast for a child in Burundi

A unique virtual gift that will change children's lives.

A few months ago, Darlene worried she would never fulfil her dream of going go back to school. She was living in a hut with her mum and 3 brothers. "When it was raining, we'd have to put all our clothes in one corner because it was raining inside the hut", she wrote in a letter to her teacher. Because money was tight, she had to help her mum at home and sometimes also do chores at other people's house to make a bit of money. At 9 years old, the future wasn't very hopeful for Darlene.

Today, Darlene, is glowing with joy. After integrating the Murakaza school in Burundi, with her little brother, Alain, they were both getting a mug of warm fortified* porridge every day for breakfast. This gives them enough energy to go through the day, focus in class and manage the walk back home, which is 5 kms on foot. 

"Every day, we get a bowl of porridge. This really makes us want to come to school and work hard. It is very important for us because this help us to make the walk back home. Our tummies ache less in the afternoon.
I thank God, because with the porridge we are getting extra food and that feels warm. Bless the people who help us, by giving money to the school because it means they are thinking of us. And we thank Mme Françoise** who has helped us a lot. She was even able to find a job for our mum and a place to live. And I love my mum with all my heart because she does her best for all of us."

Read Darlene full letter here.

Child at the Murakaza school in Burundi receiving their mug of porridge

Thanks to the Murakaza school, Darlene will integrate the normal school system next year, opening the door to opportunities she couldn't have thought of just one year ago. It's amazing what difference a simple mug of porridge can make

By choosing this Gift for a special someone, you will provide a warm mug of fortified porridge for a child like Darlene for an entire year at the Murakaza school in Bujumbura, Burundi.

*Our porridge is made with a special nutritional cereal flour which has been fortified with all the minerals and vitamins children need.

** Françoise Najean is the director of the Murakaza school in Burundi.

After you've finalised your order, we will send you a virtual card to send to the recipient of your gift or to print a home so you can add a personal note.