The Gift of Giving: A year of secondary school education for a child in Kenya

Like millions of children across Africa, Melinda seemed destined to suffer a life of hardship and misery. At just 6 years of age, she had been abandoned by her parents. Sleeping rough on the streets is no place for a little girl. Scared and living hand-to-mouth, with nobody to protect her and vulnerable to exploitation by gangs and criminals – it’s tragic to think what could have happened to Melinda.

Thankfully, she was rescued by the Lewa Children’s Home. Instead of a life of hunger, hopelessness and danger on the streets, Melinda had caring arms around her and was relishing going to school for the first time in her life. Thanks to kind supporters like you she flourished, making new friends and excelling at her favourite subjects: Biology, English and Home Science.

That was 14 years ago. Now aged 20, Melinda has finished school and is ready to go out and help others, her future transformed forever by education. Sadly, the opportunity that Melinda was given is denied to millions of children across Africa. In Kenya, only a fifth of children complete all eight years of primary education. 

This is why Bread and Water for Africa UK and the Lewa Children's Home have created the school sponsorship programme, to ensure that children like Melinda can have access to secondary education and fulfil their dreams.

Each year, about 20 students are selected based on their academic accomplishments from extremely vulnerable families and communities, to continue their education with a scholarship covering tuition, boarding, uniforms and books.

A sponsored student at secondary school Kenya

By choosing this Gift for a special someone, you will provide a year of secondary education for children like Melinda, which includes tuition, boarding, uniform and books, thus changing their life forever.

Once you've finalised your order, we will send you a virtual card to send to the recipient of your gift or to print a home so you can add a personal note.