The Gift of Giving: A month of warm and healthy lunch for a child in Sierra Leone

A unique virtual gift that will change a child's life.

Before coming to the We Are the Future school, Michael was always tired. He was very weak and had a hard time concentrating in class, distracted by the growling noises in his tummy. His mum was doing her best to provide for Michael and his brothers, but raising her 4 children alone, with no steady jobs, she couldn't always ensure a decent meal every day.

This was the situation for most children, in this poor community on the outskirts of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

When she heard that the We Are the Future school offered daily lunches, she enrolled Michael and his brother Julius. Soon after starting at the school, and getting their daily warm and healthy lunches, Michael and Julius were thriving. They are visibly healthier; their grades have improved and their energy level is back so they can play football with their friends at recess. 

Children at the We Are the Future school receive their lunch in Freetown, Sierra Leone

All of this, through the simple provision of nutritious meals, lovingly prepared by the kitchen ladies and cooks at the We Are the Future school from fresh fruits and vegetables directly harvested from the school garden.

By choosing this Gift for a special someone, you will provide food for children like Michael for an entire month at the We Are the Future school in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

After you've finalised your order, we will send you a virtual card to send to the recipient of your gift or to print a home so you can add a personal note.