Christopher Queree

Chairman of the Board

Christopher is an Investment Director and Head of Charities at Ruffer LLP.  He has been a partner in the firm since 2004 and has over thirty years investment experience. 

Christopher’s knowledge and interest of Africa stems from having travelled extensively across the continent to countries such as Nigeria, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Congo, Kenya and Sudan. Subsequently, Christopher has been a keen supporter of practical and tangible development projects that make a real and long-lasting difference to African communities-and as a result has led him to join the Bread and Water for Africa UK board of trustees. He has subsequently visited our projects in Zimbabwe and as a keen cyclist organised our first cycle in Tanzania. 

Siobhan Franklin


Siobhan Franklin, TrusteeSiobhan has over 16 years’ experience in economic development, financial inclusion and impact investing in Sub Saharan Africa. Having lived and worked extensively in the region, she is passionate about development and improving livelihoods. After learning about the work of BWAUK through meetings with CEO Sylvia Costantini and later Volunteer Spokesperson Phyllis Keino, Siobhan joined the Board of Trustees in 2018. She was inspired to do so following conversations with Phyllis Keino about the work she does at Lewa Children’s Home; taking care of orphans, providing them with a loving caring family environment, food and education, and giving the children a chance to flourish.

Emily Robinson


Emily Robinson Trustee Photo

Emily has over 13 years of experience in investment banking and financial services. Originally from Buffalo, NY, she has lived and worked in the US, Germany, Portugal, and has resided in the UK since 2011. Having previously worked in the not-for-profit sector, she has always been passionate about charitable causes and started fundraising for Bread and Water for Africa UK in 2014. Inspired by her travels around Africa, Emily was keen to be able to do more and is excited to join the board of trustees this year.

Ruby Glasspool

Chief Executive Officer

Ruby has ten years' experience within the not-for-profit sector in charity management and communications and joined BWAUK in 2020. She is passionate about using meaningful communications and thoughtful project leadership to achieve the best possible outcomes for people in need and believes in the power of teamwork. Ruby has travelled extensively throughout the world but feels strongly connected to Africa from her trips to Tanzania, South Africa and Zanzibar. She believes everyone should have the same opportunities for a fulfilling life and is committed to supporting this through humanitarian work. Ruby is the go to person for all programme questions and day to day operations.

Ramona Engler

Charity Coordinator

Awaiting photo imageRamona is originally from Austria and joined BWAUK in 2020. She is in charge of our charity coordination including social media, communications and day to day operations. Ramona has a degree in Nutrition and a Masters in Nutrition for Global Health and brings with her a deep understanding of the humanitarian sector, with special interest in emergency response and capacity building. Her belief that every child should be able to thrive and lead a life where they can dream of their future.

Daphne Davies

Volunteer Journalist

Daphne Davies, Volunteer JournalistDaphne has done media and project management work for a number of national and international organisations and NGOs, including Amnesty International, WWF, International Trade Union Confederation, the UN, the European Commission, the European Policy Centre, the Club of Rome and Devex. She is particularly concerned about the position of the world’s 47 poorest countries, designated the Least Developed Countries, 32 of which are in Africa, and supports two NGOs in this area: LDC Watch and the LDC News Service.

She is committed to volunteering with BWAUK, because of its focus on working directly with NGOs on the ground in African LDCs.

Kiran Sansi


Photo of Kiran volunteer at Bread and Water for Africa UKKiran joined BWAUK as a volunteer at the beginning of 2020 as she is passionate about educating the younger generations on global injustices and inspiring them to contribute towards positive change. Kiran's current role is to produce youth focused engagement resources as well as identify new partnership opportunities. With a background in both healthcare and education, as well as being a keen traveller and having a strong Punjabi heritage, Kiran is excited to utilise her experiences in helping BWAUK expand it's reach within the UK. 

Ilze Schoeman


Ilze Shoeman ID photo volunteerIlze works as a volunteer with Bread and Water for Africa UK, focusing on securing partnerships. With several years of experience in IT – particularly in project management and support – she is also helping with other IT related processes and tasks. Ilze is originally from South Africa and has always had a passion for helping people and would like to do anything she can to help grow Bread and Water for Africa UK, supporting our project partners in Africa.


Tim Fry


Tim Fry volunteer for BWAUK

Tim joined BWAUK in 2020 to support the evaluation of its programmes, having previously managed social protection, education and natural resource management projects in sub-Saharan Africa for a variety of INGOs and U.N institutions including UNICEF, WFP as well as KfW and the EU. He is keenly interested in developing value-addition capacities and climate responsive supply chains within developing economies, and is hoping to increase BWA’s partner’s scoping, planning and monitoring capabilities.