The need for accessible clean water cannot be understated. It’s written in our name, and indeed clean water projects were one of the primary focuses of Bread and Water for Africa UK’s work in Africa. Through community partnerships, we’ve helped build water wells, reservoirs, and purification systems that provide thousands of families with the clean water they need to stay healthy and safe.

One such partnership that has yielded results for thousands of rural residents is our partnership with Faith Healing Development Organisation (FHDO) in Sierra Leone. Bread and Water for Africa UK has partnered with FHDO over the last eleven years to build four primary schools, three secondary schools, four mobile clinics, and most recently we were able to reach vulnerable individuals during the Ebola epidemic thanks to our partners on the ground.

In May of 2015, schools began re-opening and FHDO has shifted to playing an important role in helping Sierra Leone rebuild after Ebola devastated the country over the course of the past year. This includes re-visiting some of the health problems that continue to plague the country, such as water borne diseases that result from drinking water from unprotected water sources including freestanding, contaminated water.

At the Logos Primary School in the Kenema District, children attend school every day and have the opportunity at a brighter future thanks to the commitment of FHDO, the guidance of Bread and Water for Africa UK, and the support of individuals across the UK. However, the children attending school and the 10,000 inhabitants of its community have to travel long distances for well water and often resort to unsafe water sources, thus putting themselves at risk to water borne diseases.

The digging, materials, construction, and labour costs of building a well in Sierra Leone run up to £10,000. Your online donation today can bring us closer to our financial goal and to the goal of providing safe and clean water plus maintenance training to thousands of Sierra Leoneans this year.


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