Phyllis Keino Wins ‘Jury Chairman’s Award for Philanthropic Excellence’

Bread and Water for Africa UK would like to congratulate volunteer spokesperson Ms. Phyllis Keino for winning the ‘Jury Chairman’s Award for Philanthropic Excellence’ at the East African Philanthropy Awards.

The Awards, organised by the East African Association of Grant-Makers recognise and celebrate outstanding contributions made by individuals to local philanthropy and social development across East Africa.

Phyllis, awarded for her incredible dedication and love for Kenya’s forgotten children, was praised for her unique approach to combating poverty in Kenya. The jury cited her important work throughout the past 12 years at the Lewa Children’s Home, Baraka Farm and Kipkeino School where she has helped to feed, clothe, educate and ultimately save the lives of many orphaned and neglected Kenyan children.

The jury were also impressed with the wider role Phyllis and the Home play in the local community of Eldoret, encouraging family members, with her “home-based” sponsorship outreach programme to foster children in her care whilst continuing to support the children with money and basic necessities in order to keep them healthy and in school; as well as providing the opportunity for local families to earn an income at the complex – as farmers, labourers, social workers, cooks and teachers. Most recently, Baraka Farm innovatively introduced the idea of giving local dairy farmers the opportunity to sell their milk directly to the Farm which is then used for cheese production and other dairy products at the Farm’s processing factory and then sold onto local supermarkets, hotels and restaurants, giving the Home and local farmers a regular source of income.

Phyllis has willingly and lovingly given 50 years of her life to giving the forgotten children of Kenya a second chance and to raising her community up in a way that is inspiring to anyone lucky enough to meet her.

Bread and Water for Africa UK and it supporters are extremely proud of Phyllis Keino’s achievements and the recognition she deserves for her selflessness and devotion to those less fortunate than herself.