A disadvantaged start

The project will provide daily meals to the children of the We Are the Future kindergarten and primary school in Freetown, Sierra Leone. These children come from poor fishing communities where families have lost most of their income due to the Ebola outbreak that has devastated the country and its economy.

Devastated by Ebola and landslides

Sierra Leone has been ravaged by Ebola, then crushed by the recession that followed. More recently, more lives were lost to the dramatic landslides. Today, 2/3 of households continue to be food insecure. Children at the WAF Centre primary school often come to school on an empty stomach, their families struggling to provide for even their most basic needs. In some cases, students have had to drop out to help their families "put food on the table”.

A healthy meal a day

The We Are the Future kitchen uses the fresh fruits and vegetables that are being grown in the WAF Centre garden to cook well-balanced and nutritious meals for the 230 students of the WAF kindergarten and primary school, most of whom are coming from poor local fishing communities. By enabling them to have at least one healthy meal per day, we allow them to focus on their studies and play, without having to worry about where the next meal will come from.

Sustainable in the long term

With a healthy lunch every day, we improve the students' nutritional status, and, consequently, improve their overall health and cognitive development, boost their academic performance and reduce dropout rates, while also providing relief to their caregivers. By using the produce which they help grow, and with the support of our staff, the students and their families can see the link between planting seeds and eating food, and some have even started urban gardens at home.

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